Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Mouth Guards

At Grove Street Dental Care, we are dedicated to serving the families from our community.  We want adults and children who are active in sports this season to know they may be overlooking an important safety precaution.  Athletes participating in any contact sport are advised to wear some kind of mouth protection. A mouth guard helps prevent damage to the teeth and jaw, and also helps prevent injuries to the cheeks, tongue, and lips.

You can find generic mouth guards in most sporting goods stores, but not in many sizes. These mouth guards often end up feeling bulky and uncomfortable, leading to child and teenage athletes in particular not wearing the protection at all. A bulky or cushioned mouth guard can even interrupt breathing and speaking. Custom mouth guards can be fit over braces and won’t interrupt normal activity.

Have a dentist perform a custom mouth guard fitting and get a mouth guard made of thin, hard plastic that protects your teeth and still fits comfortably.  This is an easy precaution to take for athletes, and you can go right back to playing your best!

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